the wind is still blowing very hard

November 7, 2016/By Michele

Outside my tent the wind is still blowing very hard, the ice brought by it doesn’t let me see anything on the horizon. As always, I am shoveling snow off my tent in precaution, the heavy weight could break my tent and make some serious damages. The temperature so far was around 14 degrees below zero, but with the wind chills it reaches -32 degress. Not bad!

Today is the 5th day since I’ve left Novo, and I crossed only 8,5 kilometers. I am thinking of my Russian friends back at the base and at the moment they wished my good luck to begin my journey. They have been always so kind and available to me. I am sorry but now I need to shut the connection. It’s using a lot of energy and I need to save it until the next sunny day to recharge my batteries!


I send you all a big icy hug from Antarctica.