November 18, 2015/By Michele

I am finally in Antarctica: around 4000 km of only ice and snow, with an altitude difference ranging from 0 to 3800. In the next months I aim to reach the geographical South Pole, crossing thousands of kilometres of emptiness: a frozen, flat, colossal yet uniform landscape.  I like to think that the things I am managing to do can help others to believe in themselves more and reach the targets they are aiming to achieve.

Ice is my real element and I feel completely alive and free when the icy gusts of wind blast my face, even when the icy dust is blotting out the horizon. The wind is what will help me to cover enormous distances along the route, when it blows in the right direction, of course, thanks to the towing sails like a snow kite attached to the black and white kevlar sledge. It weighs 11kg, is two metres forty long and contains all the equipment.