January 13, 2016/By Michele

Dear all,

Due to a complete lack of wind, which was required to travel 4000km with the snowkite in about 55 days, I was forced to suspend my polar expedition ANTARCTICA 2015 – the solo crossing of the Earth’s largest ice continent which began on November 2015.

Willpower, athletic preparation and determination to reach the goal were not sufficient in light of the unfortunate weather conditions that resulted in a lack of wind. I thought that the experience accumulated through years of expedition would help me to rationally manage all kinds of unexpected events, but as never before the weather, in the meteorological sense, played its most decisive role.

The delays in departure because of bad weather and storms, the increasingly narrow window of opportunity for the expedition, as well as the fact that progress continued to be extremely slow and non-incisive due to the wind not blowing in the right direction for the snowkite, resulted in us having to face the facts and completely surrender.

The decision to suspend the crossing was very painful for me. But there was no alternative.

I would like to thank all of the people who passionately dedicated themselves to the preparation of the expedition for more than a year and who shared with me great passion for reaching this goal, which I have not yet decided to abandon.

Michele Pontrandolfo, Polar Explorer