Antarctica 2016
Antarctica 2016
Antarctica 2016



Michele Pontrandolfo lives in Pordenone in Italy, the area where he was born in 1971, at the foot of the Alps and Dolomites.

For 30 years now he has undertaken every type of sport imaginable. At a very young age he began frequenting cross-country running organisations, and became acquainted with the mountains when, at the age of 12, he began walking the Alpine passes of the Alps and Dolomites. He continued his school studies in advertising graphics. After completing his military service, in 1994 he acquired his international parachuting licence, completing over 400 freefall jumps from an altitude of 4,000 metres.

To date, he is the only Italian to have attempted the mother of all expeditions three times: the lone crossing of the Arctic Ocean as far as the geographic North Pole. Michele has crossed Greenland entirely, first from east to west, then from south to north, crossing the world’s third largest glacier in four separate expeditions and reaching the geomagnetic and magnetic North Pole, again in solo expeditions.

He has consolidated experience in the Poles, acquired over almost twenty years, and has undertaken fifteen polar expeditions, ten of which on his own.

He has written two books about his feats: ‘Stella in capo al mondo’ (Star On Top of the World) and ‘Viaggio dentro al ghiaccio’ (Journey Inside Ice).

He has worked with the Italian broadcasters RAI and Mediaset as well as Sky for many years.




  • 10k daily every other day
  • 6.45 am breakfast
  • 8.30 am strength building training
  • 12.00 pm lunch
  • 5.30 pm running
  • 7.00 pm dinner
  • 9.00-10.00 pm sleep


  • The expedition timing is unknown as strongly dependent of wheater conditions
  • The start of the day could range from 4 am to 6 am
  • After breakfast walks of an average of 8 to 14 hours reaching, also 24 hours covered daily (carrying 185 kg of weight needed for survival)
  • Short breaks every 60/120 mins depending on the walked km. During breaks, Michele is having little snacks to gain energy and mineral salts lost during the march
  • After 8/12 hours Michele stops to set up the camp for the night. Dinner is prepared with water (from the melting snow) to mix with the dehydrated food




  •   East – West Greenland 2000
  •   Iceland 2003 Vatnajokull
  •   Geomagnetic North Pole 2004 (from Greenland)
  •   Iceland 2005 Vatnajokull
  •   Geomagnetic North Pole 2006 (from Canada)
  •   Svalbard 2007
  •   Ellesmere 2008
  •   Iceland 2008 Vatnajokull
  •   Hielo Continental Sur 2008
  •   Magnetic North Pole 2009
  •   Geographic North Pole 2010
  •   Geographic North Pole 2011
  •   Iceland 2011 Vatnajokull
  •   South–North Greenland 2012
  •   Geographic North Pole 2014