enjoying the weather until i can

November 18, 2016/By Michele

Good morning to all,

Today the weather has slightly improved but I still have a very low visibility. I am optimistic that from Sunday afternoon everything could drastically improve. Both weather and visibility. The weather has been lovely lately, around 13 degrees below zero but from my predictions it may not last much longer, the wind chill goes according to the speed of the wind itself and we can reach up to 50 degrees below zero.

This is one of the many great walls of protection that I made. As I said other times, I should become an ice constructor at the end of my journey!

It’s been quite a few days since I left the Russian base in Novo and South Pole is my destination. Then reaching the west coast of the continent. I have plenty of kilometers to cross, almost 4000, but I can still do it! Physically I feel good and I try to keep my mood up and perky all the time, it’s not easy even after years of experience. For now that’s all. I hope to update you again in the next few hours.


A big hug

PS: I won’t use anymore the quote “the wind is with me”… I’ve noticed that so far just brought me bad luck!